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Cougar Athletics

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Cougar Athletics

Oakton High School

Cougar Athletics

Oakton High School

Team News.

Team News

3 days ago @ 2:00PM

Westfield comes to Nottaway Park and leaves with a 0-8 Loss to the Cougars


Another oversized win at Nottaway park tonight:)

Playing Westfield the 2nd time was a different story on our home courts.  While still cold and very windy, the team got down to business quickly.  Mo had a high quality match with Michael Lu, breaking him at 9 all to go up 10-9, and then holding serve one more time.  There was only break in the set.  Great win.  We have 1...

Ryan on 2 had no problems taking Ethan out and brought in the 2nd W.  Tyler on 3 made mincemeat of Timmy with a 10-0 win.  Timmy had won their first meeting a few weeks back and wasn't going to have that chance again.  We have 3.  Nairith on 6 also was off court early with a 10-2 win.  We're up to 4....  Artis on 4 played Neehar and played a dominant set by never giving him the same ball twice.  That makes 5.... Nick on 5 had the match of the day against Ankit.  Down early, Nick breaks mid-set to get back on serve, and then consolidates.  With an imported cheering section working hard, they pulled him through some tough games and the 6th singles win!  

Nice job also to our exhibition players for their steady focused play.  All W's all day:)

Also thanks to our managers who always get in done (when they're not playing)

Overall it was a friendly match with many buddies on the other team.  Good times in spite of the continuing winter weather.

Thanks K Xu for the load of pizza and snacks... And to the parents and fans for braving another day in the elements.

Hope to see many of you at our next match @ Chantilly on tuesday.  



Team News

3 days ago @ 1:39PM

Cougars take on new conference opponent, Madison...Win to Oakton 8-1

Today our Cougars played a team new to our conference, Madison.  It was another chilly, dark, and windy afternoon, like much of the SPRING season:)

After introductions the boys got on to the task of getting through singles.  With Ryan out, Kevin Nguyen subbed in at 6 and everyone else moved up a spot.  Mo and Tyler has competitive matches on 1 and 2.  Each dropped 3 or 4 games before closing out their courts.  Meanwhile, on 3-5 the Cougars were extremely dominant, and Artis, Nick, and Nairith were off court fairly quickly with each dropping 1 game.  The match is technically over but play goes on.  K. Nu on 6 is in a tight match all the way to 10 all.  The breaker went to Madison, but a very well played set all around.

Congrats to the team for another win.  We have now played each team in the district and know what will be needed for the second half of the regular season.


Team News

1 week ago @ 11:55PM

Banner week for Cougar Tennis with a win (5-4) over the Robinson Rams

Everyone was tired from a long week filled with matches and end of quarter academics.  On the bus ride over, nearly half the team was napping or resting quietly.  We were hoping that Robinson felt the same way.......

Singles started with David Wang subbing in for Mo on court 1, Ryan on 2, Tyler on 3, Artis on 4, Nick on 5, and Nairith on 6.  David is under pressure immediately from Alex's strong serve, Ryan gets off to a low start against Drew who is on fire, Tyler goes up an early break on 3 and then hangs in to win a very long game to go up 3-0 against Wesley, , Artis looks to be in command on 4, throwing all types of shots at Winston, Nick and Adam are trading breaks on 5 and playing a tight set, Nairith gets up an early break and maintains it over Hayden.

Matches play on and we go into dubs 3 all.......winning singles at 3,4,and 6.

1 dubs with Artis/K Xu wins first game and then falls back 1-4.  On 2, Tyler and Ryan start strong and increase the lead with each card turn, and on 3, the pivotal match, Nick/Nairith are playing hard against a Robinson team that knows this will be THE court.  Court 1 is working so hard and making progress (these 2 have never played together), but the deficit is too much to overcome, court 2 is nearing the finish line, and court 3 is experiencing drama.....

After Nick/Nairith turn the card to 7-4, Robinson calls the trainer for a shoulder problem and our boys have to cool their heels for nearly 20 minutes.  Momentum lost and we drop 4 of the next 5 games going down 8-9 with the match on the line.  A  solid hold and a shaky service from the Rams allows the Cougars to serve and bring home the final game in almost total darkness.  Crowds roared and belief grows......

Congrats to the rest of the team for playing competitive matches and also to Nitin (and his mom) for bringing the mother load of pizza and drinks:)

Next week brings Madison and Westfield at home.  You fans know you're our good luck charms so come out and cheer us on as we move into the second half of the season undefeated!




Team News

1 week ago @ 10:47PM

Cougar Victory over TJHSST! 5-4

Cougar tennis is rolling.....  After a big win over Chantilly Friday night, the team soundly beat Centreville last night, and went to TJ this afternoon.

The varsity players stayed at TJ, while the remainder of the team walked over to Holmes Middle school where we had use of 6 additional courts.  A LOT of tennis was played today:)

Singles started with Mo on 1,  David subbing in for Ryan on court 2, Tyler on 3, Artis on 4, Nick on 5, and Nairith on 6.  These players are all familiar with each other and the cougars got off to a quick start.  Oakton took 4 singles with wins on courts 1,4,5,and 6.  Going into dubs with a 4-2 lead let the players exhale and play freely.  Court 3 dubs finished with a decisive 10-2 W and the match was won:)  Courts 1 and 2 each had very close sets with 8-10 scores.  

The exhibition players had less W's to report but ALL felt their matches were challenging and were glad to have the opportunity to play singles.

A huge congrats to the team for such a unified and solid effort:)

 Thanks also to Lisa for bringing enough food to feed Northern Va, for a week.....

On to Robinson on Friday.  Please come out to cheer for the boys and help push them over the final hurdle of the week!!


Team News

2 weeks ago @ 3:04PM


Finally we had a perfect day to play tennis on our home courts @ Nottaway park.  Andrew sets the mood with his boom box.  Chantilly arrives on time and warms up.  Introductions are made, and the match is on.....

Mo drops serve in the first game on 1,  Ryan gets off to a fast start on 2, K Nu on 3 drops the first games as he settles in for a long match,  Artis on 4 is trying to figure out his opponent, Nick on 5 is getting overpowered early on, and Nairith on 6 is very quietly destroying his opponents confidence.  Court 1 has Mo and Will playing long grueling games with only the one break of serve.  Ryan on 2 is stretching his lead over Shanuk and making it look painless, K Nu is trying to handle the heavy strokes of Akhil on 3, and Artis is still trying to work out his opponents game. Nick, after being down 1-5 begins his climb.  Card turn after card turn show Nick catching up and then going up a game.  On 6, Nairith is at the finish line and off court first.  We have 1. Within minutes Ryan is also done after playing a dominant set.  We have 2.  Nick now has his foot on the gas and doesn't give up another game.  We have 3.  As Mo and Will approach the end of the set, with almost everyone in the park watching, Mo is finally able to secure the break and get back on serve.  Huge serving and nerves of steel send him to a tiebreak at 10 all.  Huge win to Mo (7-5)   We have 4.  What a treat for all the fans!!   Chantilly takes courts 3 and 4.  

Doubles begin with the Cougars having the 4-2 advantage.  Courts 2 and 3 played solid, focused, consistent tennis and won within minutes of each other.  Ryan/Kevin Xu on 2, and Nick/Nairith on 3 brought home this important win over a very strong team!! 

Lastly, all of our exhibition players played and brought in W's.

The atmosphere of the entire afternoon was so positive, and the sportsmanship so evident, making this match an example of everything that is great about High School Tennis:)

Big thanks to ALL our parents and fans for bringing food/drink, and mostly spirit and cheering!





Team News

2 weeks ago @ 9:28PM


Team News

2 weeks ago @ 9:27PM


Team News

1 month ago @ 1:04PM


Team News

1 month ago @ 9:17PM


Another cold and very windy day for our match with South Lakes.  It was a minor inconvenience:)

Our Cougars maintained focus and concentration and dropped very few games in most of the matches!

Court 1 doubles had the most competitive action with Mo and Artis falling behind early, and them maintaining a break down until 7 all....and then a hold, and another break!  Lots of action and the feeling of playoffs:)

Thanks to Sara for the heavy "snacks" and the banner

Also thanks again to all our loyal fans and parents.  Hope you thaw out this evening:)

Team News

1 month ago @ 7:20PM


Congratulations to our 2018 Cougars on a clean sweep vs. Battlefield!   The day was cold, but the sun was out enough to keep our players moving well.   All varsity players maintained their concentration and their games to keep game loss to 2 or less on each of the 9 courts.  Also shout outs to our exhibition players for solid efforts bringing in ALL W's.

Parents and fans were out in force cheering on the team.  Thank you!!  Special thanks to the snack family for keeping the boys in pizza:)

Tomorrow we will get back to the business of challenging and setting doubles pairs.



Team News

1 month ago @ 8:22PM

Match with TJ has been rescheduled for 4/11/18

Team News

1 month ago @ 8:20PM


On an extremely cold and windy afternoon the cougars played Flint Hill in the first match of the season.  The team played 12 singles matches, and 1 dubs before we called it quits due to weather and darkness.  The Cougars played well in difficult conditions, and were dominant in the scoreline on most courts.  

Much food was eaten, compliments of Rohan:)  Everyone loves COLD pizza....

Thanks to our faithful fans and parents for braving the cold and cheering the team on!

Team News

1 month ago @ 10:58AM


We will reschedule and I will update the website ASAP.  TJ said their courts would NOT be dry anytime today.

I will check Nottaway's courts @ 2:30 to determine if we will practice today.

Team News

1 month ago @ 2:42PM

Practice cancelled today, March 1st, due to very wet courts

Team News

1 month ago @ 7:32PM

Tuesday Feb. 27th Tryouts Continue- 3:30 @ Nottaway Park

Tuesday- Returning and new players

Team News

1 month ago @ 7:47AM


Returners do NOT need to come today.  We will be working with the new players this afternoon.

For those offered a spot at the end of tryouts, the Parent meeting will be Wednesday, Feb.28th @ 7:00 pm in the school cafeteria.  One parent for each student must attend.

Team News

2 months ago @ 2:47PM


Tryouts will continue Monday, same time, same place.  We will play until we have enough information to select a final team.  

Team News

2 months ago @ 2:05PM


It looks like 40% chance of rain at 5:00 so we will get in as much play as we can today.  Please have a plan with your parents for transportation in case of early dismissal.  

Team News

2 months ago @ 2:34PM

Tryouts for Monday, February 19 are canceled

Due to the rainy conditions tryouts will begin Tuesday, February 20 at 3:30 at Nottoway Park. If we need a fifth day of tryouts we will either continue on Saturday or next Monday.

Team News

2 months ago @ 5:38PM

Tryouts begin Monday 2/19/2018 at Nottaway park @ 3:00

To be eligible for tryouts, you must have a completed VHSL physical, completed emergency care form, and student/parent concussion course completed.  If you are missing any of these items, you can download the forms on our website.  Any physicals brought on Monday MUST be turned in directly to the activities office at the school.  They will give you a clearance slip you may bring to the courts.

I have asked the players to wear weather appropriate clothing AND to bring water the first day.

Tryout schedule:  Each day @ Nottaway park, Vienna Va

Monday 2/19  3:00-5:00 approx (no returners)

Tuesday -  3:30-5:30 approx

Wednesday - 3:30-5:30 approx with 1st round cuts following  

Thursday 3:30-5:30

Friday 3:30-5:30 approx with team selection immediately following

You may email or call me if you have further questions.

Coach Tyskowski -   703-472-0863


Team News

3 months ago @ 12:25PM


Interested and returning players should attend.  Should take about 30 minutes.

Team News

4 months ago @ 9:07AM


Optional workouts for new and returning players.

Must have emergency care form signed and completed to participate.  Turn in to the activities office .
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