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Cougar Athletics

Oakton High School


Cougar Athletics

Oakton High School

Cougar Athletics

Oakton High School

Team News.

Team News

4 years ago @ 2:29AM


The Oakton Lady Cougars Tennis Team






Thank you ALL for a tremendously

wonderful 2015 Tennis Season!


Thank you to our "Cougar-ific" Team Parents for the support, guidance and encouragement you give your girls every day.  It shows.  They are amazing young women!

Team News

4 years ago @ 4:40AM

Conference Tournament Complete!

Concorde Conference Tournament

Singles Champion: Annie Clark (Oakton)

Second Place: Lindsey Le (Oakton)

Third Place: Victoria Thai (Oakton)

Doubles Champions: Annie Clark & Lindsey Le (Oakton)

Second Place: Victoria Thai & Alekhya Nanduri (Oakton)

Third Place: Katherine Krawietz & Stephanie Yeager (Robinson)

Congratulations to all our winners in the Concorde Conference, and to all who participated in this tournament.  We are proud of you, and look forward to seeing how you progress in the Regional Tournaments!  Great job!



Team News

4 years ago @ 4:44PM

Concorde Conference Singles Champions

Team News

4 years ago @ 4:46PM

Concorde Doubles

Team News

4 years ago @ 4:47PM

Concorde 3rd Doubles

Team News

4 years ago @ 3:57PM

Team Captains

Lady Cougar Team Captains were coach-selected based on leadership skills, initiative, and dedication to the TEAM as a whole.  After all, we've all heard the phrase, "There is no I in TEAM."  Team Captains help teammates to focus on the bigger picture, the goals of the team, team spirit, hard work, and sportsmanship.

Captains' Responsibilities:

  • Attend ALL practices (unless excused from school for illness)
  • Lead warm-up stretches/agility activities (ie: running the court lines)
  • Share inspiring thoughts/pep-talk before matches
  • Project positivity even on difficult days, and encourage teammates to do the same
  • Set a positive example of respect for self, team, coaches, and opponents
  • Demonstrate responsibility by showing up prepared every day
  • Demonstrate excellent sportsmanship and hold others accountable to do the same:
    • do not cheer or clap when we win a point due to opponent error
    • cheer respectfully, remembering that other courts are playing matches, too
    • do not converse with players on court at all during a match
    • stand at least 5 feet back from fences at all times (no hanging on the chain link)
    • foul language has no place on or around our courts/facilities at any time
    • THINK before posting on social media (is it True, Helpful, Inspiring, Necessary, Kind?)
    • signs for cheering should be positive, not distracting, not on posts, and not obstruct the view of other spectators
    • REMIND parents and other guests of these expectations if they forget

Congratulations to the Team Captains this year!

Seniors Alekhya Nanduri & Ashley Thai

Juniors  Andie Carroll & Karin Fukahori
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